a strange God

“Through this Word of reconciliation – the gospel – God becomes a stranger in a third sense: not only because he is our creator and judge, but because he is our Redeemer. This is a strange Word from a strange God because it contradicts our moral reasoning, which is captive to a theology of glory. [If] limited to “the moral law within”, the gospel can only be dismissed as foolish superstition. Contrary to our distorted intuitions, the gospel does not encourage our conquest of heaven through intellectual, mystical and moral striving. It announces that even while we were enemies, God reconciled us. While we were dead in sins, he made us alive in Christ. We are saved by God’s good works, not our own. Because we are sinners, God’s speech is disruptive and disorienting. It is not we who overcome estrangement, but God who heals the breach by communicating the gospel of his Son… While a theology of glory presumes to scale the walls of God’s heavenly chamber, a theology of the Cross will always recognize that although we cannot reach God, he can reach us and has done so.”

Michael Horton, The Christian Life, page 51, 53.

What if God tunes the hearts of strangers AND sons with the same song? What if never-ceasing mercy is God’s song for salvation AND transformation? What if there are no dead ends in Jesus… and even our wandering is just another way home?

John 10:1-11, Rom 5:8-10, Eph 2:5-9


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